As the third generation in a family of footwear traders, I have always been close to different aspects of quality and fashion and I have always been catered for the needs of the final consumer. This double perspective has allowed me to think and sketch models that pay attention to details and style, quality of materials and indispensable comfort, models that would make women feel both stylish and comfortable. The production is place in the expert hands of Italian craftsmen to fulfill the expectations of my target users. My sandals enable women to express their own personal sense of style, their aesthetic values. My first women’s sandals collection is inspired by music.



My name is Stefano and I was born in Macerata, Italy,  in 1972. I’m the third generation in a family of footwear traders. My grandfather opened a small shop in 1947 in the centre of our little town where I still live and work. I sold my first pair of women’s shoes when I was just 9, it a was a green suede clog. Since then shoes have always been my life. After a master’s degree in fashion I decided to grow the family business with my parents. Today we own two shops selling shoes and accessories. Then, came to me the idea to design women’s sandals that would make women feel both stylish and comfortable. This would be the beginning of a new adventure with my collections. And finally I created this blog, to share my passions such music, design and cooking. But most of all I want to talk about the magic world of women’s shoes.



Our shop in Macerata.

My grandfather opened his first shop in Macerata in 1947. He defines the tenets of our brand philosophy which we still apply today: quality products and service, elegance and style, customer care. During 70 years of activity my parents and I have grown the business. We now own two shops selling shoes and accessories for men and women. We have our own e-shop and we have also created our own private label. Our ultimate commitment is to timeless style rather than following the ever changing tenets of fashion. In our stores, our customers fully know what they are buying and can express their own personal sense of style.